Here are some frequently asked questions that people tend to ask me. It's also provided a great excuse to learn more about schema markup and how the rich results they provide can be used to improve click through rates as well as help users find answers to their questions quicker.

Where Can I Download Chay Kellys Pictures?
You can download my pictures for free from Unsplash. If you need a copy of the RAW file just pop me a message on my contact form and I can send it over to you.

How Can I Contact Chay Kelly?
You can contact me through my contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

Where Does Chay Kelly Work?
I work at a marketing agency called Mackman. We work with local and national ambitious brands and are happy to talk to you about your branding, digital and website needs.

Can Chay Kelly Help Me With My Marketing?
Possibly - while I'm more than happy to help with your digital marketing where I can I also have a full-time job. If you really want to work with me and an excellent branding and marketing team contact Mackman.

Why Have You Created This Website?
I have created this website mainly to play around with marketing tools as well as learning and testing new SEO strategies. At the same time, the blog, useful code snippets and the useful tools page also allows me to share my knowledge when it comes to digital marketing.