Freelance Google Ads Specialist For Ambitious Businesses

Put your website in front of potential customers right as they’re searching for your products and services.
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Growing your business can be a challenge in the highly competitive field of digital marketing and while SEO takes time to have an effect, Google Ads alongside other PPC channels can be used to drive leads and sales right as your potential customers are searching for what you offer.

Google Ads can help to effectively bridge the gap between starting to work on your organic search and seeing it start to take effect. It’s also great for new websites and new businesses as it can take time to build trust with search engines and start to rank organically. Google Ads is not without its pitfalls and if not managed properly, can result in lots of money being spent without seeing any return, this is where I can help you!

Google Ad Services

As a Google Ads certified specialist, I can support you with a whole range of PPC services and these skills also transfer over to Bing as they are managed in a very similar way. I have been working on Google Ad accounts for over 5 years in my various agency roles across a whole range of B2B and B2C sectors including financial services, healthcare, security, pets and flowers. I have also worked on a wide range of campaign types including search, display, shopping, local services and performance max.

Google Ad Account Reviews

An ad account review is exactly what it sounds like. I take a deep dive into your ad account to review how your account is performing, what can be done to further improve performance and where there are new opportunities you might not have considered. Unlike Google Ad reps I take the time to understand your business, your goals and then use that to guide the audit rather than just making assumptions and general recommendations.

My audits start with a kickoff call to gather this information and I also ask about where you think the current issues lie. Having worked in agencies and on internal marketing I know that you’ve probably already identified a few changes but are either struggling with buy-in or time to action your ideas. At the end of the audit, I’ll provide my findings in an easy-to-implement manner and run you through them. You can then implement these findings in house or I can take this on for you.

Ad Management

If you’re a small business or a startup then marketing can be one of the last things on your mind and something you struggle to keep up with and understand. Your speciality lies in your products/services, not delivering your own marketing. As Google Ads is an ever-evolving area, keeping up with the constant changes can be hard and with the investment in ad spend you want to make sure that it provides a return on investment.

I provide a full, ongoing, ad management service so you can be confident you’re getting a return on your investment. This complete service starts with learning about your business, what makes you unique in your sector and what your goals are before setting up your ad account, keyword research and creating ad copy. When your ads are up and running I will then keep a close eye on how they’re performing and optimise the account to ensure a return on your ad spend. Each month I’ll send over a report on how things are performing, the actions taken to improve performance and any new opportunities that I’ve spotted. We can then sit down and review this together.  

Agency Support

If you’re an agency and need support with setting up and optimising your client ad accounts you’ve come to the right place. I provide a white-label PPC ad management service for marketing agencies who need that bit of additional support, for example, a lack of internal resources or skills, to bridge the gap between team members leaving and recruiting to fill that position or maternity leave cover.

In House Support

Working as an in-house marketer can be tricky as you have to wear lots of different hats, from design to web to digital marketing it can be a lot. I offer a range of support for in-house teams including:

  • Simply being another person to bounce your ideas off
  • Creating PPC ad strategies for you to implement 
  • A second pair of eyes on your ad account
  • Reporting on Google Ad performance 
  • A fully managed PPC service
  • Training in Google Ads so you can do more in-house

Google Ads Landing Pages

A key part of how well your ads perform is the landing pages you send your traffic to. A well-designed landing page will turn visitors into customers whereas a poorly designed page will leave you wasting your ad spend. I have spent a lot of time reviewing landing pages, heat maps and session recordings so I know what makes users convert and what doesn't. I can work with your in-house designers and developers to create a landing page that generates more conversions without increasing the number of visitors to the page. If you haven’t got a team in-house to design and build the page then I can refer you to someone in my network of freelancers who can help to pull this together for you. I can fully manage this process so it’s not another thing on your to-do list.

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My PPC Management Process


The first step to an efficient Google Ad campaign is to understand your goals, business objectives, KPIs, budgets and the results you’re looking to achieve. This keeps me accountable to your goals but also lets me flag up any potential roadblocks such as your goals not matching your budget. This also helps us find out if we’re a good fit for each other.


Once everything has been agreed and we’re on the same page it’s time for me to start the more in-depth research stage. This includes competitor research, keyword research and starting to build out campaigns and ad groups as well as splitting the budget between the campaigns. If you’ve previously run campaigns I’ll also review those to see what the data shows. Once this has been finalised I’ll sit down with you and explain the research. This gives you a chance to feedback on things such as the budget split, keywords and where best to focus our time based on profit margins.

Ad account set up

Once the campaigns, ad groups and keywords have been agreed upon I’ll then set about setting up your ad account. I can set up a new ad account from scratch or I can work within your existing account if it’s already been set up. With the basics of the ad account set up, such as billing, I will then build out the campaigns, ad groups and ad copy. Once this is all set up I’ll ask you to quickly sign off on the ad copy before setting the campaigns live.

I usually build PPC campaigns in an iterative process, starting with the higher profit margin campaigns and then working my way down to other campaigns that while still relevant, may not be as much of a priority. I find this works well for businesses with smaller budgets however if you want everything up and running at the same time, and have the budget for this then that’s no problem.

Ongoing optimisation

With the ad account up and running I’ll then spend time optimising the account to ensure your ad spend starts generating a positive return. PPC is rarely a set-it-and-forget-it channel which is why it can be a challenge for already stretched business owners. 

At the start of the campaign I’ll check in very regularly to see what searches the ads are appearing for, which keywords are generating conversions and how the bid strategies are performing. Once the ads have been running for a few weeks they won’t need as frequent management as the biggest wastes have been eliminated however all campaigns will be checked regularly in order to find new opportunities as well as review long-term data and trends and to make changes that continue to drive increasing performance.


Each month I will create and send over a Looker Studio report with commentary on how your PPC campaigns have been performing over the previous month. This means you always know how things are performing and I also offer a monthly meeting so that we can review the report together. This holds me accountable for the performance of the account and it also allows us to work together on understanding any changes in your industry or within your business, such as new product launches or seasonality.

Why work with me?

I’ve been working in PPC for over 5 years and this has been agency rather than in-house. This has allowed me to work with a whole range of clients from B2B businesses in niche areas to large B2C companies serving thousands of customers. It’s also allowed me to get involved with all the various Google Ad campaigns out there such as Display, Shopping, Performance Max, Local Services and of course, Search.

I think that every business is unique, even in the same industry, and therefore I take a personalised approach to Google Ads that fits your business. During our discovery call and kick-off conversations, I’ll learn how you like to work as an individual and tailor my service directly to your needs.

Transparency and reporting and two things I strongly believe every successful partnership needs. Without it, things are doomed to fail and progress will be slow. This is why I’ll always be 100% transparent with you and put my own interests aside. This means you can be confident in my recommendations and trust that I’m putting your interests first. A real-world example of this might be that Google Ads isn’t a good fit for your business and you’d be better off with social media or organic search. In this case, I would recommend other freelancers in my network rather than trying to make it work. 

I also won’t use complicated industry jargon to try and bamboozle you into thinking things are going great when they might not be, I’ll explain things clearly and match these to your business KPIs so we’re always speaking the same language. If PPC is something you’re interested in then I’d be more than happy to go for a drink and get into the nitty gritty of how it all works.

Reporting is also extremely important and without you don’t know whether you’re getting value for money. When working with me you’ll have a customised monthly Looker Studio report which pulls in data from Google Analytics, Google Ads and other sources such as your CRM. This will give you a comprehensive but digestible breakdown of what activities have taken place as well as how things are performing month on month and year on year. I also offer regular monthly meetings to run through the reports, get your feedback on how things are going and ensure we’re aligned.