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Hi, I'm Chay, I am a digital marketer currently working at Mackman and living in Suffolk with a passion for marketing, photography and coding.

Besides my full-time marketing job, I’m learning HTML, CSS and working on my photography.


My passion for marketing started at my first full-time job after college at a social media marketing agency. After that, I moved to a B2B agency in Colchester and have continued to develop and explore my passion for marketing and technology.


After starting my previous role in Colchester I became interested in HTML and when we had a web design project come in it became helpful to learn CSS at the same time. With a basic understanding now I am continuing to develop my skills partly through this site.


Ever since a young age, I’ve enjoyed photography and more recently I have decided to go out more and make time for photography as well as editing and general messing around in photoshop. You can find some of my better pictures on Unsplash and if you'd like a copy of the RAW files just pop me a message below or on Unsplash.


Depending on when you read this I'm starting/started to write blogs on things I've learnt to do with marketing, tech and photography. It will mainly be focussed around simple marketing problems that pop up for your average small business such as how to do simple email marketing, setting up Wordpress users, resizing and compressing images for the web and general website tips.

I will set up and simple email opt-in list so if you're interested you can keep up to date with new blogs.

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