Online Review Tools

Three Gold Stars - Online Review Tools

Here are my favourite tools for managing and monitoring your online reviews. I use these online review tools for collecting, monitoring and increasing my chances of getting positive reviews online from my customers.

Free Review Monitoring

A great local marketing tool which lets you monitor reviews your business receives across the web. To get going all you need to do is create a free account and once you're signed up you can then add your three free locations. Just enter your business details such as website, address, phone number and it'll do the rest in the background. After it's had time to find all of your reviews it will then update you as you receive new reviews so that you can respond.

Price: Free
Link: Free Review Monitoring
Google Review Link Generator

A useful marketing tool from Whitespark that lets you create a link to leave a review on your Google My Business page. Simply enter your business name, city and postcode and it will generate a link which you can send to customers.

If they're signed into their Google Account it will open up your Google my Business review section so all they have to do is click on the stars and type in their review. This will help to increase the chance that people leave reviews as it saves them searching for your business, heading over to reviews and adding one.

Price: Free
Link: Google Review Link Generator