Freelance Digital Marketing Services

Looking to grow your business to the next level then look no further! I offer a range of freelance digital marketing services to help your business gain leads.

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SEO Services

I offer a range of SEO services ranging from one-off audits to ongoing SEO retainers to help you get the most out of Google Search. Whether that's another pair of eyes to review your strategy or an all-encompassing retainer to create and execute your search strategy, I'm ready to help.

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PPC Management

PPC and SEO typically go hand in hand and with several years of agency experience, I can set up and run your PPC campaigns so that you appear right as your audience is searching for your products or services.

Social media

Paid Social Campaigns

Looking to find your audience and drive greater brand awareness? Then paid social is your friend. I can help you find your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Marketing audits

Digital Marketing Audits

Are you investing in digital marketing and not generating a return on your investment? A fresh pair of eyes can usually uncover wasted spend and underperforming channels.


Digital Reporting

Reporting on your digital marketing activity helps you spot trends, assess what's working and deliver more leads. Let me bring all of your data together with a custom Looker Studio dashboard.


Google Tag Manager & Tracking

With 3rd party cookies being phased out in 2024 now is the time to review your Google Tag Manager and overall tracking set-up. I can audit your current set-up, create a plan of action and execute it to help improve your tracking.

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Maternity Cover

If someone on your team is heading off on maternity leave and you're struggling to fill the gaps with temporary contracts then a freelancer like myself can be an ideal choice! Depending on the hours required I can help source additional support.

Working as a team

Agency Support

I help support marketing agencies with digital marketing and pride myself on being able to quickly integrate into the rest of your team. I can support campaigns, retainers and act as a specialist during website migrations and rebuilds.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience at a very cheap cost. I am familiar with a range of platforms including Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, Mailchimp and more.

Why Choose Me?


Placing your marketing activity in the hands of a freelancer can be nerve-wracking, especially when you can choose a more established agency. I've been working in marketing agencies for over 5 years and in that time I've learnt a lot. I'm always contactable, happy to jump on a call and will get back to you within 24 hours at the latest!

Your Business First

I will always be completely transparent with you from the moment you get in contact.

Putting your business interests first means only offering services I know will help you generate more leads and if I think you'll be better suited to working with an agency or a more specialised freelancer then I'll happily put you in contact with them.

Cost Effective

Smaller businesses have smaller budgets and usually, an agency isn't best suited for these businesses. By using a freelancer such as myself you get more for your money and as your marketing budgets grow you can then move on to a larger marketing agency if you wish. I also have a network of freelancers I can recommend so if you need design, web builds or PR I can point you in their direction or manage that for you.


I have been working in digital marketing for over 5 years and have specialised in Paid and Organic Search. However, over my time in agencies, I have worked on paid social campaigns, web builds, digital marketing strategies and email campaigns. If something falls outside my abilities I can refer you to another expert in my network.


When working with freelancers scaling your marketing can be challenging and often means working with multiple freelancers that need management. Let me take this stress away from you and using my network of freelancers I can find trusted and reliable experts for you. I can also manage the project on your behalf, helping to keep your project on track.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Need an extra pair of hands for a one-off project or need to scale your activity in Q4? I'm here to help and with no long-term contracts, you can quickly and easily scale back your marketing spend.

Monthly Reporting & Meetings

Every client I work with has a Looker Studio report and a monthly meeting to review the previous month's performance. This means that you're always in the loop on how your digital marketing is performing and I'm held accountable for that performance. These sessions also give us a chance to go over upcoming events, key events in your marketing calendar and any upcoming opportunities we can take advantage of.