About The Useful Tools Section

TLDR; This blog is about the useful marketing tools section of the website, where it came from, why I've created it and how it can help you.

You may or may not have noticed but I have started to create a section on my website dedicated to helpful marketing tools that I've used in the past or that I'm currently using. This might be especially helpful to small businesses affected by Covid-19 (Coronavirus) who need to either keep their customers up to date with their current situation or for those that need to try and create new business during these difficult times.

The useful tools section of my website started out as bookmarks on my browser of tools I was using at my first job in social media marketing. From there it turned into a Google Doc so that I could add a description of the tool, whether it was a free or paid tool and a link. This made it easy to keep track off all the tools I had used but didn't have a current need for as well as being able to share it with people. However, now it seemed like a better idea to add this to my website so it could reach a larger audience and hopefully help a few people as well as give credit to some great free tools that few people had heard off.

They are roughly categorised into tools for SEO, online reviews, copywriting, photography, video, design, planning, learning, reporting, conversion optimisation, social media, email marketing, websites, WordPress, advertising, Windows, productivity, coding, typography and general tools which didn't fit into a particular category. These are rough categories as some of them overlap, for example, some of the image tools such as Unsplash can be used for design, websites and advertising. I'm slowly adding more useful tools to the site, however, as I'm adding them I'm bulking out the description section as my current notes are very brief as they were only written as a reminder for myself. I'm also testing them out again as it's been a while since I've used them as I don't want to recommend anything that I wouldn't use myself!

Most of the tools I've added are free to use or have a free trial period with a few paid tools that I do use regularly such as Sitebulb or SE Ranking. If you have any feedback or tools you think I should try out pop me a message on the contact form and I'll check them out.

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