Monday January 31, 2022

Indexing Test

Order Fulfilment Warehouse

In my current role, I'm investigating an issue into the classic Search Console Crawled - currently not indexed issue. I've had a read around the topic for anything that I might have missed in diagnosing the pages. As far as I can tell they should be indexed, while they're not the most interesting and in-depth pages out there I've seen a lot worse get indexed in the past.

To see if I can speed up indexing these pages I've decided to quickly create this post with a link to each of the pages. The first step is to see whether Google will index this post and if it does, will it help pickup the pages on the other site.

  1. Trade order fulfilment
  2. Order Fulfilment Shipping
  3. Returns management
  4. Sustainable order fulfilment
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